Vera Mueller, attorney at law

The legal work that you can expect from Vera Mueller and her team in Miami and Berlin is shaped by these values.

Based on a trusting client relationship, she offers you tailor-made approaches and strategies so that your – even complex – legal issues can be resolved quickly, safely and, above all, successfully.

After completing her law degree, Ms. Mueller initially worked in the management team and press department of a federal ministry in Berlin. This was followed by a legal clerkship with stations at the Brandenburg Higher Regional Court, the regional court and the public prosecutor’s office as well as the Berlin Police Headquarters. She then worked as a corporate lawyer and head of the legal department at a Berlin corporate and tax consultancy in Berlin before finally setting up her own law firm in West Berlin in early 2018. (Kurfürstendamm) and has also been teaching as a university lecturer for police commissioners in Berlin since 2018.

Vera Mueller opened her second international law firm in the United States of America in Miami (Florida) in March 2019. There she and her US team are now available for you for international clients (US reference). The location is in the Court District and is easily accessible with sufficient parking spaces (underground car park).

Family law throughout Germany and internationally

Ms. Mueller is your competent contact person for a wide variety of legal disputes in the family (international) area. For example, she is at your side, especially in a complex context when divorce proceedings for binational marriages are pending and there are disputes about regulations on maintenance, custody, rights of access, property disputes or pension equalization. The lawyer works in close cooperation with notaries to draft international marriage contracts, separation and divorce agreements.

But Ms. Mueller is also your committed lawyer in further special matters relating to child welfare, kidnapping and kidnapping. She specializes in international family law and advises in particular US-German as well as international as well as European clients, fluent in written and spoken English as well as in Spanish and partly in French with in-house translators.

Music law throughout Germany and internationally

Vera Mueller’s office is the right contact address for all matters relating to music law, throughout Germany and internationally. Together with the musician, artist or author of a work, an individual and tailor-made solution for the cooperation and musical collaboration is designed, which is important to secure your rights and obligations in the business area.

Criminal law throughout Germany and internationally

Whether you are involved in criminal proceedings within Germany or abroad (especially in the USA) as a suspect or as an applicant and injured party, the law firm of Mueller, together with an international legal team with defense lawyers, creates tailor-made solutions and strategies for your proceedings.

Civil law – advice and support for your contracts

In the area of ​​general civil law, Ms. Mueller deals with all matters relating to your contracts. She is already at your side during the contract initiation process and accompanies you in contract negotiations, be it sales contracts, work contracts, loan contracts, license agreements or general terms and conditions.

Labor law – individual and collective

When starting a new employment relationship, do you still have unanswered questions about the content and regulations of the employment contract? Ms. Mueller offers you expert and competent advice when it comes to issues such as vacation pay, part-time entitlements, fixed-term contracts, wage and salary payments, parental leave or maternity leave (this is only available in Germany!). As an employer, you are also welcome to contact them – they will support you in drafting legally secure employment contracts – as well as a works council member in connection with asserting your rights of participation.

Areas of law: Labor law • Family law • Commercial law & company law • International law • Tenancy law & residential property law • Criminal law • Civil law
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