Marina Rothardt-Reiter, attorney at law

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I am happy to help you with legal questions in the areas listed below.
German law

Inheritance law e.g. determination of inheritance law, estate settlement, inheritance disputes, etc. also with reference to company law
Family law e.g. maintenance law, divorce and related matters such as drafting marriage contracts for a mutually agreed settlement, calculating and demanding maintenance of spouses and children, calculating profit compensation, dealing with property, regulating rights of access and custody etc.
Compensation & compensation for pain and suffering e.g. claims as a result of accidents of any kind etc.
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Supervision law e.g. assumption of asset management, power of attorney, living will (Ms. Marina Rothardt-Reiter, attorney-at-law, was a legal advisor for many years)

American law / Australian law

Compensation and compensation for pain and suffering, e.g. assert claims as a result of accidents of any kind and, if necessary, sue and enforce them in court; more information at
Inheritance law Determine inheritance law, identify heirs, contact the responsible authorities, especially in the case of assets located abroad, etc.
Family law agreements / marriage contracts but also expertise on selected legal issues such as same-sex couple marriage, adoption of the child of the same-sex partner, custody
International law All legal matters relating to foreign (European / non-European) law, e.g. also Swiss inheritance law, etc. Focus on American law / US law

Marina Rothardt-Reiter, attorney at law

…. in cooperation with selected international lawyers in Australia (Brisbane), Canada (Vancouver), France (Lyon), Italy (Agrigento), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the USA (San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Miami) etc. .

Dear Sirs,

The world is getting closer and closer together, the points of contact with other countries are becoming more frequent and the legal situation is becoming more confusing.

In addition to dealing with typical legal matters of German law, I have therefore made it my task in particular to support you in legal matters with a foreign connection and to provide you with clarity.

In particular, concerns should be taken to give up one’s own legal position in advance, solely due to language barriers or distance / or. Assertion or enforcement of your rights in a foreign country.

Here I would like to “build the bridge” for you by working specifically and effectively with my colleagues abroad.

If you value

Many years of competence without human distance

Individual support for your mandate

Honesty in advice

you are right with me.

Please contact me! Let’s take on the challenge together!

In my practice for mediation & conflict resolution, as a trained family and business mediator, I also offer you mediation in suitable cases in order to avoid a legal dispute in advance. Here, too, I work with competent partners to lead you to success.

In 1997 I took part in the Negotiation Workshop (course on negotiation strategies for lawyers) at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Since then, I have been using the knowledge gained there to optimally process my legal cases and in mediation.
Please contact me!

I am also a trained CP lawyer (Cooperative Practice).

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This is a concept for resolving conflicts that has already proven itself in other countries, which takes place in cooperation with other trained CP lawyers and leads to a holistic conflict resolution of those involved, a combination of advocacy and mediation

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