Lawyer Muhammed Emekçi LL.M

Competently and above all pragmatically, I am at your side in the main areas of my work as a contact person in my office in Istanbul. Benefit from many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge and convince yourself of tailor-made, long-term successful solutions! I will advise you in detail about your rights, examine your claims in detail and show you how you can successfully assert yourself against the conflict partner, also in Turkish and English.
Employment Law

My employment law activities range from A for employment contract to K for termination of the employment relationship to Z for certificate. My clients include employers, employees and works councils alike. You too can benefit from my expertise and my passion, regardless of whether it is about legal disputes in connection with a warning or the drafting of a termination agreement! In addition, you can contact me confidently at any time with matters relating to works constitution and collective bargaining law, as well as questions relating to company pension schemes.
Family law

Not every relationship and certainly not every marriage ends in eternal happiness. Let me support you in the case of separation or divorce, especially if children have emerged from the marriage. Here it is important to find a sensible solution for dealing and custody as well as to calculate maintenance claims – also for spouses – and to assert them if necessary. Furthermore, I support you with the division of household items and asset disputes as well as the implementation of the pension and profit adjustment. Do not hesitate to contact me confidently in cases of domestic violence.
General contract law

The professional drafting of all kinds of contracts is also an important part of my legal work. I advise and support you as a private person or entrepreneur in the preparation of contract documents or draft legally secure contracts according to your individual specifications in order to avoid legal conflicts as early as possible. In addition, I check existing contracts and offer you qualified support with subsequent amendment agreements. But you can also rely on me at any time in the event of a breach of contract or withdrawal from a contract.
Sales law

In all questions of purchase law, I provide you with questions and answers – either as a buyer or seller. I support you in the tailor-made design and conscientious optimization of sales contracts and leasing contracts. If there are any legal disputes between buyer and seller, I am happy to help with clarification. In addition, I will explain to you in a personal conversation all legal provisions regarding the processing of sales transactions in the online area. I would also be happy to provide you with information on sales law issues such as Complaints, guarantees, warranties, withdrawal from the contract or exchanges.
International right

If you inherit a property abroad or want to carry out export business, you should seek comprehensive legal advice. As a contact person in international law, I am at your side and review your claims. I can avoid legal pitfalls for you from the start.
Transport law & forwarding law

Transport and forwarding law is a branch of commercial law, both in German law and at European level. As an experienced lawyer and specialist lawyer for transport law & forwarding law, I am familiar with the relevant legal texts and can answer any questions you may have, e.g. B. help with freight defects, liability and exclusion of liability or damage sharing. I represent freight forwarders and companies as well as private individuals. If you want to enforce your rights, I am happy to assist you!

You are welcome to contact me directly via the profile or contact me using the contact details provided.

Areas of law: Labor law • Family law • Transport law & forwarding law • General contract law • Data protection law • International law • Sales law
Yeşil Sokak, 4/62, 34846, Istanbul, Turkey

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