Lawyer Hasan Gürkan Erdebil LL.M

I am available as a contact person in Istanbul! As part of a consultation, I explain complex issues to my clients in understandable language and provide them with detailed, always transparent and, above all, realistic information on the prospects of success, risks and costs. Please visit me in my office.
Inheritance law

Are you looking for expert advice on everything to do with your estate and your will? As a specialist lawyer for inheritance law, I am your ideal contact for drafting an effective will or inheritance contract. I also represent the rights and interests of my clients beyond inheritance. I check your compulsory portion claims, represent you in the inheritance proceedings, deal with the interpretation and enforcement of wills or help you to resolve disputes in the community of heirs in a targeted manner.
Traffic law

Have you had a traffic accident and need help settling claims or correspondence with the insurance company? In traffic law, I take on the assertion or defense of claims for repairs, rental car costs or loss of use that may arise in the event of property damage. But you can also rely on me to enforce claims for pain and suffering.
civil right

In the field of civil law, which affects all regulations of the legal relationships between citizens, I am at your side with advice and action. The defense of your private rights and interests in everyday life is the focus of my work as a lawyer. For example, if you would like the legally compliant creation of all kinds of contracts and their careful optimization and review, you can always contact me. Furthermore, I provide you with competent and meaningful legal advice in the event of disputes with neighbors and I am also committed to the assertion of compensation for pain and suffering and damages for you.
Insurance law

I reliably take care of your insurance law matters. Here I support you with the revocation of an insurance contract or check your right of withdrawal. I will also help you with the assertion of benefit claims from occupational disability insurance, liability insurance or accident insurance.
Commercial law

In the field of commercial law, I offer you, as a prospective entrepreneur, qualified start-up advice and provide you with comprehensive support right through to arranging corporate succession or the end of your business activity. In addition, I am happy to assist you with the handling of day-to-day business as well as the associated implementation of transactions such as company acquisitions, conversions, mergers or company sales with advice and action. In addition, I will also clarify all legal issues in connection with the application for grants or subsidies on your behalf.
Corporate Law & Business Succession

I offer you comprehensive legal advice if you want to set up a company and need support in drafting and reviewing management contracts. In addition, please feel free to contact me if you would like to organize the business succession for your company. I am also at your disposal in the event of a company restructuring or for legal questions about the transfer of companies.
Care law

Another of my main areas of activity is in the area of ​​care law. Do you still have open legal questions in connection with childcare? Or do you need legal support in the legally secure and customized design of your care will, living will or power of attorney? I will be happy to advise you in detail and, if necessary, also represent your interests before the guardianship court.

A call, an e-mail or a message using the contact form on the profile are sufficient to arrange an initial consultation appointment.

Areas of law: Inheritance law • General contract law • Commercial law & company law • International commercial law • Transport law & forwarding law • Traffic law • Commercial law
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