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The specialist lawyer for labor law Torsten Jannack, based in Dortmund, examines and pursues your rights in connection with your employment relationship or its termination, especially in dismissal protection proceedings. You can find more information on this under the heading “Specialist lawyers”.

In addition, lawyer Jannack asserts your outstanding claims in debt collection and enforcement proceedings.

He will handle your claims after a traffic accident for you and will also advise you on any problems that arise in connection with the interpretation or application of contracts. You can find more information about this in the “Focus” section.

Lawyer Jannack represents your legal interests in court throughout Germany. Nevertheless, he sees the judgment given by a judge only as the second-best solution, because it means that the influence on the result is left in the hands of others. Rather, within the scope of the instructions given to him, after detailed advice, he endeavors to offer out-of-court solutions taking economic and temporary aspects into account so that you can return to everyday life quickly and cheaply.

A client-friendly service climate is just as natural for Mr. Jannack as the use of the most modern office technology from digital dictation to electronic client files. In this way, there is always the time required to talk to the client in order to be able to explain the specific legal problem comprehensively with them and to coordinate the prospects of success and tactics. He attaches great importance to technical competence on the one hand and an open ear paired with understandable language on the other.

The law firm has been awarded the seal of approval for optimal customer service.
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Specialist lawyers

Specialist labor law attorney

Employment Law

Torsten Jannack | Lawyer | Specialist lawyer for labor law will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the termination of the employment relationship. He campaigns for your rights in the course of an operational dismissal, behavior-related dismissal or personal dismissal. He advises you on severance payments, termination agreements, time limits and warnings. If you have problems in the existing employment relationship (salary, vacation), he will be happy to support you here too.

You can trust that he will update his theoretical knowledge and practical experience as a member of the Labor Law Working Group in the German Lawyers’ Association through regular training and actual activities in labor law – from advice to judicial representation of interests. He draws on this experience, regardless of whether you as an employee want to assert claims from an employment relationship or its termination, enforce collective rights as a works council or defend claims as an employer.
Debt collection

Debt collection is one of the main focuses of the lawyer Jannack. It is about the recovery of legitimate payment claims – Europe-wide. Here he offers the free use of EDP interfaces to accelerate the process. In this way, your outstanding claims can be transmitted and processed digitally by e-mail or via the electronic client file. The invoices are checked on the same day and processed in an out-of-court warning letter from the lawyer. If payment is not made, a dunning notice, enforcement notice or foreclosure is requested quickly and accurately to the day using a professional resubmission system.

This active receivables management offers an extremely high chance of realizing open invoices, because the debtor is shown the intransigence of the creditors and their will to enforce. The online debt collection is rounded off by a fee agreement with conditions that are in reasonable proportion to the performance, responsibility and liability and take into account the client’s interest in cost transparency.

However, it is only used in the rare cases in which the debtor does not reimburse the fees.
Contract law

Labor law disputes often revolve around the understanding and interpretation of contracts and / or terms and conditions, the solutions of which can be found in general law of obligations. Therefore, the specialist lawyer title for labor law and the practical labor law activity also promote the processing of other mandates of the lawyer in the field of contract law, in which the application of the law requires a constant transverse view of the peculiarities of the respective field of law.


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