Attorney John Wilson

The firm, founded in 1920 by the late Senator John Wilson, is an established Sri Lankan law firm providing civil procedural, commercial and notarial services. Her clients include companies, financial institutions and private individuals.

Winner of the Asia IP Awards 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 for the best law firm in Sri Lanka in the field of patent law.

John Wilson Partners has an excellent reputation for timely delivery of solid legal advice given a commercial perspective. The team of lawyers provides innovative and practical solutions to legal and economic issues in a rapidly changing and global environment for foreign and local clients.

Mr. Wilson is the managing director of John Wilson Partners and has also worked as a legal advisor to the European Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka since 2010. He is the author of numerous publications and is represented on a number of bodies and committees (including IBA Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee, AIPPI, American Bar Association, Asia Pacific Committee, APAA Patents Committee, etc.).
Commercial and corporate law

Attorney-at-law John Wilson accompanies your company in this area of ​​law in group restructuring and the resulting legal issues. You can also contact him with concerns about M&A (mergers and acquisitions) or complex business agreements (e.g. sales, franchise, licensing or agency agreements).
International Law

In the context of globalization and the opening of markets, international law for cross-border trade agreements, commercial contracts or generally legally binding agreements is becoming increasingly important. With attorney Wilson by your side, you will be armed for these and other international law matters.
Trademark law and industrial property rights /
Trademark Law and Intellectual Property

Your creative capital in the form of your brands or products must be legally protected from brand piracy or product piracy by competitors. In order to ensure your product safety / brand safety, the lawyer from Sri Lanka accompanies you when registering a trademark, patent or design with the relevant authorities and defends your interests regarding IP (intellectual property) in court. In addition, he takes on the design, review and optimization of license agreements and license agreements.
Real estate law

In real estate law, Mr. Attorney-at-Law Wilson represents both private and commercial clients in a variety of typical problem areas (e.g. disputes after the purchase of a property due to defects, drawing up a property purchase agreement, due diligence, etc.). In addition, he also provides notarial services such as the certification and review of real estate contracts.
Arbitration / Arbitration

Here, Mr. Wilson acts as an arbitration court on a wide variety of topics (debt collection, rental property, wills, real estate matters, trust, etc.) and can save you a time-consuming and costly process in court. He is also happy to take on the role of party representative and assert your interests for you.
Labor Law

Mr. Attorney-at-Law Wilson supports you in applying for a visa in Sri Lanka as well as all matters relating to the work permit. Thanks to his experience and contacts with the relevant authorities, he can initiate these processes quickly and efficiently for you.

JOHN WILSON PARTNERS is a member of the AEA (International Lawyers Network)

The AEA International Lawyers Network is the largest international network of law offices in the world. Their members are situated in all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo an Palestine.

AEA International Lawyers Network is the world’s largest international association of law firms. The members are represented in all 193 states of the United Nations as well as in Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine.

Public transport / parking:

From the Gunasinghepura bus stop you can walk to the offices of the law firm in around four minutes.

Parking facilities are in the vicinity.


Areas of law: Labor law • Commercial legal protection • Real estate law & real estate law • Commercial law & company law • International law • Trademark law • Arbitration
Dam Street 365 Colombo 01200, Sri Lanka

+94 112 324 579

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