Attorney Daniel Katalinic

If you are looking for a trustworthy and highly qualified lawyer, Mr. Katalinic is exactly the right contact for you.

Due to many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, attorney Katalinic always offers professional, result-oriented and individual legal advice to those seeking legal advice.

Commercial & corporate law

Mr. Katalinic advises clients on company formation, mergers, takeovers, insolvency or restructuring in the field of commercial and corporate law and supports them, for example, in drafting the relevant contracts. In addition, he answers all legal questions in the context of compliance, due diligence or corporate governance.

Banking law
In the area of ​​banking law, companies, credit institutions and capital investors can benefit from Mr Katalinic’s in-depth expertise, both at national and international level. He offers clients reliable and results-oriented legal advice on issues related to securities trading and informs them in particular about their rights in the event of incorrect investment advice.

Employment Law
In matters of labor law, Mr. Katalinic is available to both employees and employers in a competent and professional manner. Mr Katalinic looks after those seeking legal advice who have been dismissed by their employer and who now want to claim damages, both in court proceedings and in out-of-court negotiations. Mr. Katalinic also provides his clients with result-oriented and reliable legal advice in the event of discrepancies in connection with the employment contract, wages, vacation entitlement, working conditions, the works agreement, etc.

Not only companies, but also private individuals can be affected by insolvency. In such cases, debtors and creditors can rely on Mr. Katalinic’s established competence. He accompanies you in an experienced and professional manner throughout the entire insolvency procedure and also informs you about all the details of debt settlement, restructuring or breaking up the company.

Real estate law
Mr. Katalinic accompanies clients expertly when buying or selling a property. He supports you in drawing up the purchase contract, taking into account current case law, and answers all questions relating to the entry in the land register or the mortgage. He also represents the interests of his clients in disputes regarding building permits or building contracts in court.

civil right
In civil law matters, Mr. Katalinic defends clients in civil proceedings, always experienced and highly qualified. In the context of civil proceedings, for example, Mr. Katalinic effectively asserts claims for compensation for pain and suffering or damages. In the event of a divorce or inheritance, he also looks after those seeking legal advice in a professional and reliable manner.

Intellectual property / copyright
Copyright is intended to protect works such as literature, music or photography from unauthorized use. People who violate copyright law (e.g. unauthorized file sharing) are generally threatened with legal measures such as warnings, injunctive relief, compensation or even imprisonment. In all matters in this area, those seeking legal advice are competently and experienced supported by Mr. Katalinic.

The AEA International Lawyers Network is the largest international network of law offices in the world. Their members are situated in all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine.

AEA International Lawyers Network is the world’s largest international association of law firms. The members are represented in all 193 states of the United Nations as well as in Taiwan, Kosovo and Palestine.

Public transport / parking:

The office is centrally located in Murska Sobota (Slovenia): Ulica Staneta Rozmana 10. The office is only five minutes’ walk from Murska Sobota main station. In addition, there are sufficient parking spaces available near the office for those seeking legal advice.

Areas of law: labor law • banking law & capital market law • property law & real estate law • commercial law & company law • insolvency law • copyright & media law • civil law
Ulica Staneta Rozmana 10, Murska Sobota 9000, Slovenia 

+386 599 30 297

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