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Your lawyer specializing in criminal law in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt will advise you comprehensively on all questions relating to criminal proceedings and fine proceedings.

There are many ways in which you can find out that criminal proceedings are in progress against you. In any case, one rule almost always applies:

First of all, get in touch with us, your experienced criminal defense lawyer in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt! Make use of your right to remain silent!

Regardless of whether it is a search by the police, an arrest or any other questioning: Do not provide any information on the matter without first speaking to your criminal law lawyer. Because in this way disadvantages can often be avoided. The Federal Constitutional Court, as the highest German court, has made it clear in several decisions that you must not suffer any disadvantages through silence.

Important for searches and arrests: Have your ID card shown to you and carefully read any resolutions or the arrest warrant and do not oppose the arrest.

The best thing to do is to contact an experienced lawyer specializing in criminal law in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt immediately by telephone. He will contact the investigating authorities and ensure that they only act within the scope of their powers. This avoids the risk of “accidental finds”, which are often the actual target of the prosecutor, particularly during searches.

Your criminal law attorney

As a criminal defense attorney who has also worked “on the other side”, namely as a public prosecutor, for many years, I know that in many proceedings no conviction is possible without the careless testimony of the accused.

As a criminal defense attorney, we request that you inspect files that you, the accused, do not even receive, and then discuss with you the further tactically intelligent approach. Then and only then, it can make sense to make a statement. Before that, silence is the order of the day.

Talk to us, not the police!

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